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Graduate Women Canterbury (GWC) is a branch of Graduate Women New Zealand (GWNZ) which is a member of Graduate Women International (GWI). This organisation based in Geneva, is an international network of women graduates founded in 1919. There are more than 50 countries represented with a membership of more than 250,000. GWI has consultative status with United Nations bodies, offering representation at international meetings, and an input into decision making on world issues.

Canterbury Membership Applications: The Canterbury Branch is closing in October. (Note that the work of the Branch is continuing and regalia hire and scholarships/awards are still available.) If you are interested in joining us as an Independent Member and being part of an international organisation that is focused on improving access to education for women and girls, click on this link to our registration form.


Latest Newsletter

Annual General Meeting, Tuesday 24th October at 9 Creyke Road, more details on page one.

Round the Square

A History of Christchurch's Cathedral Square
This is the original text, published in 1995 and now out of print, preserved for posterity as a pdf.